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What is the Most Popular Search Engine in the US?

The aim of analyses held by ad network Chitika was to determine how people use search engines on each web-browser. Results revealed that Google’s search service generated 74.7% of all search traffic among five web-browsers that were under investigation. Yahoo took second place with 12.3%, and then followed Bing with 9.74%. However, results of comScore investigation, that was carried out in July, differ much from Chitika’s data; for comparison it showed Google’s search engine generated 66.8%, Windows’ Bing covered 15.7% of popular-used browsers, while Yahoo gained 13% of search traffic on the territory of the United States.

If to consider major web-browsers where Google search is used, Opera took the highest position with 95.3%. However these figures are due to mobile version of the browser, while its desktop share is insignificant. So, it may be said without exaggeration that Chrome had the biggest share(90.5%) of Google usage. And, expectedly, the lowest share of employing Google search had Internet Explorer (just 53.1%). However, Microsoft’s web-browser revealed the biggest shares of Yahoo (19.1%) and Bing (22.5), especially taking into account that Bing is a default search service on Internet Explorer.

Moreover, varied results showed that Microsoft’s browser has the largest share on the desktop-browser market in the United States (either 54% or 41%).  While, considering the global market, a few analytic companies stated that Chrome was the leader of popular search engines. 

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